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Family Travel Writer, Author and Photographer

250 Willow Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada M4E 3K7
Tel: 416-690-4423
Email: kate@familytravelink.com

  Kate Pocock
Kate at the Ice Hotel, Quebec

As a professional, hard-working writer (see bio), Kate strives to give editors what they need—original ideas and clean copy—on budget and on time.

But don’t rely on Kate’s word. Read a few unsolicited comments from editors with whom she's worked between 2007 and 2015:

We all loved your feature. Thank you!"
”Really nice job.“

”Thanks so much for your hard work on this.“

”Got it and love it! This is exactly what I had in mind.“

”Your stories were great, your turnaround time was a marvel and through it all a helpful sunny disposition... An editor couldn’t ask for more.“

”Kate, that was terrific -- your answers were comprehensive and helpful and thorough. You were great!“

”All the good looks in the world don’t amount to much without some substance -- and you delivered a great story!“

”Not only does Kate possess all of the necessary copyediting, writing, researching, and fact-checking skills. She also brings intelligence, a sense of humor and tremendous enthusiasm to any job.“

Kate has a wealth of good story material available.

Just back from: Paris; France; Ottawa, Ontario; New Brunswick; Saskatchewan

Going to (2015): Colorado; Florida; Barcelona; Paris; British Columbia: Vancouver, Whistler

If you would like to contact Kate about writing/ photos, email her at kate@familytravelink.com or call her @ 416-690-4423.